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New Aromatherapy Treatments from Body Bliss


Eight customized skin and massage treatments inspired by the hotel’s 30th anniversary available on their own or as part of multi-day wellness offerings at Le Guanahani’s Spa by Clarins

ST. BARTH, FRENCH WEST INDIES – Bliss is in at Le Guanahani. Playing off its 30th anniversary, the iconic resort on the Caribbean island of St. Barth is now offering heightened relaxation and renewal with new customized treatments from Body Bliss, a Sedona, Arizona-based skincare line that taps the healing potential of aromatherapy to enhance the health and well-being of spa clients and therapists alike. Now appearing on the menu at Spa by Clarins, new Body Bliss skin and massage treatments reflect the remarkable spirit and wellness-focus that have made Le Guanahani the most distinctive and desirable address on the island.

The new Body Bliss treatments are timely additions to the 30th anniversary celebration currently underway at Le Guanahani. The celebration began in February with a first-of-its-kind Wellness Weekend led by yoga and meditation expert Dave Romanelli and will continue with three additional themed weekends over the course of the year.

Spa by Clarins has eight new Body Bliss treatments, each customized specifically for Le Guanahani by Oxford-trained botanist Nick James, who launched Body Bliss in 2000 with talent and input from specialists of massage, bodywork, aromatherapy, color therapy, botanical science, teaching and design. Today, the company’s product offerings include more than 100 of the world’s finest organic and wild-crafted essential oils and over 400 therapeutic products for body and face.

In mid-March, the therapeutic team at Spa by Clarins enjoyed three days of training with Body Bliss specialists to assure that guests of Le Guanahani get everything they can from each new treatment. It was an impressively detailed tutorial, indeed, with background on Body Bliss essential oils and application techniques, and pin-point directions running along the lines of “Place one hand on [guest’s] occipital ridge and another on sacrum [and] stretch gently holding for a short count” and “Part the hair from the centerline down toward the crown pouring warm oil down the part and rub in the skin along the entire length of the furrow with small circular motions.”

The new Body Bliss offerings are available on their own or as part Le Guanahani’s multi-day wellness offerings, with two treatments designed for the resort’s Rest Package, two for the Cultivate Package, three for the Engage Package, and one for the 30th Anniversary Package:

30th Anniversary Treatment: Offering a gentle refresh for the whole body complexion, with cooling hibiscus and jasmine to sooth as the skin is polished to perfection, and shea butter and coconut to leave the skin protected and hydrated. 90 minutes

Cultivate Couples Massage: A synchronous massage to help bring couples’ energies into harmony, with a blend of organic citrus oils with French rose and tropical ylang-ylang flowers promoting feelings of well-being, harmony and positivity. 60/90 minutes

Cultivate Couples (or Family) Pedicure: Gentle but effective exfoliation and deep conditioning for legs and feet, with benefits determined by each guest’s choice of aroma blend, including rich shea butter, organic virgin coconut, and detoxifying ocean clay. 60/90 minutes

Engage Coconut Cooler: Using organic virgin coconut oil, kukui nut oil, sea buckthorn berry, prickly pear, aloe vera and more to provide a complete range of skin essential fatty acids (including rare omega-7s) and vitamins to speed repair and reduce inflammation of environmentally stressed skin. 60 minutes

Engage Relief & Recovery: Improving recovery time from sports or play with Arnica, rosemary, lemon, ginger and lime to heighten energy generation and relief from joint and muscle discomfort, inflammation and cramping. 90 minutes

Engage Skin Intensive Wrap/Body Facial: Akin to an upper body facial, this treatment offers a gentle, botanical cleansing of the face and back, with a deeply nourishing oil application to help protect against sun and environmental damage. Botanicals including organic virgin coconut, cane sugar, West Indian sandalwood, kukui nut oil, shea butter, neroli blossoms and prickly pear have an uplifting effect on mood. Hands and feet receive a repairing and replenishing mask. 60 minutes

Rest Sommeil: Designed to dramatically reduce stress levels and ground and calm energy, resulting in deep states of relaxation and improved sleep, with guest’s choice of blend of Jojoba oil, mineral rich salts, West Indian sandalwood, coconut and kukui nut. 90 minutes

Rest Tranquillite: Supporting deep relaxation and sound sleep through a combination of deep, rhythmic massage strokes, relaxing French botanicals including clary sage, lavender and chamomile, and tropical vetiver. 60/90 minutes

Le Guanahani’s mystical setting is an integral part of its heritage and history, as the resort continues to inspire awe in the many visitors it welcomes. Over the last three decades, Le Guanahani has hosted notable figures and celebrities, yet its exclusive and sprawling layout with private, “Explorer”-style cottages dotting the lush peninsula, provides all guests with the luxury of anonymity and opportunity to fully unwind.

Located within the protected reserves of Grand Cul-de-Sac, Marigot Bay and Maréchal Beach — three of the five zones that comprise St. Barth’s 2,500-acre Réserve Naturelle marine park — Le Guanahani offers access to two beaches, vibrant marine life, and various ways through which guests can explore both. From snorkeling and paddle-boarding to kayaking and swimming, one can experience the vivid hues of blue and green and observe Nurse Sharks, schools of Blue Tang, Elkhorn Coral, conch, lobster, reef squid and sea turtles.

For more information or to make reservations, please contact the spa +590 590 529036 or the hotel +590 590 529000 or visit

Nestled on a private 18-acre peninsula between Marigot Bay and Grand Cul-de-Sac on the island of St. Barth, Le Guanahani offers access to two pristine white-sand beaches where guests are invited to relax in the sun or indulge in water-based sports. The 67 multi-colored guest cottages, including 36 suites, are decorated in a West Indies style that blends seamlessly with the surrounding tropical landscape of hibiscus and coconut trees. All rooms and suites offer private terraces, and many feature private pools. The hotel’s signature restaurants, Indigo and Bartolomeo, delight with refined Mediterranean-inspired cuisine. Hidden amongst the lush vegetation, the Spa by Clarins comes complete with rejuvenating signature treatments and a salon by Frédéric Fekkai.

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