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30 Fun Facts



• Le Guanahani is one of St. Barth’s original hotels, built in 1986.

• A Life Aquatic: Le Guanahani is the only property on the island offering two beaches and two swimming pools.

• Le Guanahani is the only hotel to have a walking trail on property, located on the Morne.

• Fun for Kids: Le Guanahani is the only hotel to offer a year-round children’s program.

• Cook Your Catch: One of the hotel’s most unique programs includes an outing with a local fisherman followed by a dinner featuring the guest’s chef-prepared catch of the day.

• Grand Cul-de-Sac is a premier spot for kite-surfing.

• At Your Service: The hotel has two Clef d’Or concierges on staff with over 20 years of combined service. The distinction is earned through a rigorous process of training and experience.

• The hotel underwent a $40M design enhancement between 2011-2015 that introduced all-new room and suite interiors, a custom furniture collection, re-imagined public spaces and a new brand identity.

• The design of the hotel’s interiors was inspired by one singular object: the panama hat. For designer Luis Pons, the hat embodies Le Guanahani’s art de vivre and ambiance, combining functionality, elegance and lightness.

• The trim work on the eaves of the hotel’s colorful cottages, known as “Guanahani,” is a traditional St. Barth design and an authentic expression of the island’s style and craftsmanship.

• Blue & Green: Le Guanahani is well into the process of earning Green Globe certification.

• On Reserve: Le Guanahani is located within the protected reserves of Grand Cul-de-Sac, Marigot Bay and Maréchal Beach, three of the five zones that comprise the island’s 2,500-acre Réserve Naturelle marine park.

• Eco-Minded: St. Barth is a “dry” island with no natural resource for drinking water. The hotel is equipped with two desalination plants that remit residual brine to the sea without disrupting the ecosystem.

• Le Guanahani offers exceptional night-sky viewing. The Milky Way, full moons, star constellations, planets, meteor showers and, at times, the International Space Station can be seen from the hotel.

• Marine Life: Nurse Sharks, schools of Blue Tang, Elkhorn Coral, conch, lobster, reef squid and Pufferfish can be observed while snorkeling in Grand Cul-de-Sac and Marigot Bay.

• From late January until early April, Humpback Whales travel from southern breeding sites to feeding grounds off the northeast coast, taking many past Le Guanahani. They can be seen blowing and breaching outside the reef and, while underwater, one can often hear them singing their haunting song.

• Grand Cul-de-Sac and Marigot Bay are home to Hawksbill and Green Sea Turtles year-round. During the nesting period for the Green Sea Turtle, staff and guests help monitor the beaches. One evening, hundreds of babies hatched and guests dining at Indigo rushed to assist the hatchlings find their way into the sea.

• Many families of land turtles of various types and sizes reside on property. Their numbers are always on the rise as they are very prolific. Le Guanahani’s young guests receive a stuffed turtle as a memento of their stay.

• Iguanas also inhabit the hotel’s lush tropical landscape. The largest, Oscar the Iguana, resides at La Villa. At 15 years old, he is nearly 5 ft (1.5 m) long and weighs around 9 lbs (4 kg). Oscar can often be found sunning himself on the villa’s chaise lounges. When he feels social, he knocks his head on the suite’s sliding-glass doors.

• A few friendly cats call Le Guanahani home as well. Bandit, Felix and Guana greet guests as they pass by La Boutique, while the more mature pair of Bouba and Blanchette are likely to be found near Human Resources.

• St. Barth has the greatest concentration of Mini Coopers outside of the Mini Cooper factory in the UK. Guests of Le Guanahani can rent one for a day of island touring on-site at the hotel.

• Take the Plunge: Managing Director Martein van Wagenberg goes for an ocean swim every day; guests have a standing invitation to join him…at 7 am!

• Queen Latifah once sang at Le Guanahani; her spectacular performance was the highlight of one of the most beautiful weddings the hotel has hosted.

• To the delight of guests, Le Guanahani was the location of the full Miss France pageant in 1997.

• The world’s top fashion models, including Tyra Banks, Helena Christensen and Claudia Schiffer, are familiar faces at the hotel. Victoria Secrets has held its photo shoots at Le Guanahani for the past 20 years.

• Claudia Schiffer made her first workout video, Perfectly Fit, in 1995 at Le Guanahani.

• Le Guanahani has partnered with French wellness sensation and former supermodel Estelle Lefébure to offer wellness programs based on her exclusive Orahe method at the hotel in 2016.

• The hotel premiered its serene Spa by Clarins in 2004. The spa offers expert skin care as well as island-inspired body treatments.

• Voyage of Discovery: Christopher Columbus found the Lesser Antilles on his second voyage in 1493. He named St. Barthélemy after his brother, Bartolomeo.

• Before France took control in 1878, the island of St. Barth had been in the possession of France, the Order of Malta, Britain, Sweden and a variety of corsairs, thieves and pirates.