Información Práctica

Información Práctica

Salud y seguridad

No es necesaria ninguna vacuna
San Bartolomé cuenta con un pequeño hospital (Irénée de Bruyn Hospital).
Para emergencias graves es necesaria la evacuación a Guadalupe.

Electricidad y agua 

Electricidad: 200V y 60Hz. Adaptadores norteamericanos disponibles en la recepción del Hotel Guanahani & Spa.
El agua corriente no es potable.

Teléfono y oficina postal

Llamadas a San Bartolomé: 00 590 590 + número de 6 dígitos.
Existen 3 oficinas postales (Gustavia, St. Jean y Lorient).
El correo internacional tarda entre 1 semana y 15 días.

Información Turística


Francés (lengua oficial)
Inglés (hablado de manera general)


Euro (divisa oficial)
USD (aceptado de manera general)

Hora y "jetlag"

Desde Francia: -5 horas (verano) a -6 horas (invierno)
Desde los EEUU (costa este) : +/- 1 hora
Desde los EEUU (costa oeste): +/- 3 horas

Información sobre el viaje

Cómo llegar a San Bartolomé

Tanto desde los EEUU como desde Europa, todos los vuelos y ferries que llevan a San Bartolomé...

How to get to Saint Barth?

The easiest way coming from the United States is to get a connexion flight in St Marteen.
Here are some useful information regarding Juliana International airport as finding its way around can sometimes be difficult.

Coming with US Airways:

This is the only airline which has agreements with the local airlines. From any city in the States, your luggage will be ckecked all the way to Saint Barth and arriving in St Marteen, when you walk out of the plane, you will go directly to the transit lounge.

Coming with any other airline

You will need to get your luggage yourself in St Marteen and register them again for St Barth. As you walk out of the plane, follow the sign "Exit" and not "Connecting Flight", go through immigration with the immigration from which was given to you in the plane, get your luggage. Then you will need to get out of the airport to go to the departure terminal. Check-in with the local airlines, go to "The Airport Departure Fee Office" to get a passenger receipt (free if you are in transit, $25 if you stay more than 24 hours in St Marteen). With this receipt, you will go through immigration again to get into the departure lounge.

VIP arrival and departure services provided by St Barth Services

In St Marteen, as you walk from your arriving plane, their agent will greet you outside the transit gate, they will walk you through transit and security to the boarding gate for your inter-island flight to St Barth and hand you your boarding pass for the flight. Separately they will have collected your checked luggage to St Marteen and transfer them safely to the inter-island aircraft. Saint Barth Services offer other services, please ask our Concierge.

From St. Martin

- Plane
Flight duration about 12 minutes

- Air Caraibes
Reservations Center phone : 00 590 590 82 47 00

- Winair (
Center USA phone: 800 634 4907, or 203 261 8603.
Center in St Martin phone: 00 599 545 2568
Local phone number: 00 590 590 27 61 01

- St Barth Commuter (
Phone: 00 590 590 27 54 54

- Private plane
Ensure connections with long and short distance flights. Reservation with the caretaker office.


- Voyager (
Every day from and to St Martin.
Duration of the crossing: about 1h30.
45 minutes Oyster Pond to St Barth.
Tel: Saint-Martin 00 599 542 4096
Fax: Saint-Martin 00 599 542 2858
Tel: Saint-Barthelemy 00 590 590 275 410
Fax: Saint-Barthelemy 00 590 590 293 479

- Rapid Explorer (
Tel: 00 599 580 3507
Fax: 00 599 580 3508

- Private Boat
In daytime or at night from 45 minutes.
Reservation with caretaker's office

- From San Juan
Direct flight available until St Barth.
Private flight + Reservation with the caretaker's office

Aduana e inmigración

Todo cuanto necesita conocer acerca de visados, pasaportes y aduana antes de planificar su viaje...

Bon à savoir avant de planifier votre voyage

Citizen who do not need a visa for admission on the territory of the French Overseas Department of Saint Barthelemy: All citizen from E.C. : Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Island, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, St Martin, St-Siege, Switzerland, United Kingdom.

Admission is authorized on presentation of an identity card but you will need a passport to visit the islands around: St Marteen, Aguilla, Saba...

All other nationalities, non subjected to present a visa but must provide a passport for admission on Saint Barthelemy :Australia, Argentina, Bermuda, Bolivia, Brunei, Bulgaria, Canada, Chilli, Cyprus, South Korea, Costa Rica, Croatia, El Salvador, Ecuador, Estonia, Guatemala, Honduras, Hugary, Japan, Leetonia, Lithuania, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Nicaragua, New Zealand, Paraguay, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Tzcheq Republic, Uruguay, Venzuela.

Citizen submitted to visa:
All other nationalities are subject to present a visa for admission on French territories. They must have a specific visa, delivered by a French Consulate, valid for Overseas French Department of Guadeloupe. The Schengen visa is valid to enter the department of Guadeloupe only if delivered by a french consulate and if the person using it is travelling from metropolitan France.