Clarins Treatments

  • Tri-Active Facial Treatments

    The best products combined with the best application techniques make for the very best treatments. That’s why Clarins provides the best response to any facial, body, skin, or beauty concern. All treatments have been scientifically tested at the Laboratory and have been developed with highly concentrated plant extracts, expert movements and attentive hands deliver immediately visible beauty results and optimal skin care benefits that last.

    The Radiance Reviver

    A rebalancing treatment for skin that shows signs of stress due to a busy lifestyle and early wrinkles. Delivers smooth, toned and radiant skin.

    The Luminosity Restorer

    A revitalizing treatment that immediately revives deep luminosity in skin. The complexion appears fresher-looking and facial features look younger, smoother and more replenished.

    The Moisture Replenisher

    A rehydrating treatment to supply intense moisture to dehydrated skin. Nourishes and softens skin to revive and restore radiance.

    The Gentle Facial

    A soothing treatment specifically developed for sensitive skin. Repairs and rebalances skin’s natural defence mechanisms. Helps diminish redness and unifies
    the complexion.

    The Detox & Shine Stopper

    An ideal treatment to gently rebalance combination or oily skin. Skin is perfectly clean, matte
    and healthy-looking. Skin texture is refined.

    The Energy Recharger

    A high-vitamin treatment that helps reveal the healthy-glow and radiant complexion of beautiful skin. Bursting with vitality, skin feels clean, soft and fresh.

    Duration : 1 h 30 | Price : 130 € à 150 €

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  • Women's Body Treatments

    The Sculptor

    A shaping, draining, detoxifying treatment of pure indulgence.

    The Firming Age Corrector

    The ultimate anti-ageing body treatment, firming and rejuvenating.

    The Moisture Quencher

    A wave of hydration for thirsty skin.

    Duration 1h00 - Price 125 €

    The Polisher

    An ultra-mild exfoliating scrub, detoxifying and purifying.

    Fruit & Salt Scrub

    100% natural exfoliating treatments based on white jasmine, lavender and plant essential oils.

    Body Energizer Exfoliator

    The perfect revitalizing treatment to restore clean, comfortable skin.

    Duration 1h00 - Price 125 €

    Body Treatment with Pro Polish 1h30 150 €
    Body Treatment with Jet Bath 1h30 130 €
    Body Treatment With Pro Polish And Jet Bath 2h00 200 €

    Parcours Clarins

    Clarins Package with Pro Polish, Jet Bath and Wrap 2h00 250 €

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  • Men's Treatments

    Skin Blitzer

    Complete treatment to hydrate, purify and detoxify skin.

    Duration 1h00 - Price 110 €


    Chest, back and arm waxing.

    from 20 to 45 €

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  • Water Treatments


    Relaxing Hydra Jet 30 mn 85 €
    Relaxing Area (steam room, pool, lounge chairs) 50 €

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  • Body wraps

    Relaxing Body Wrap

    Gentle green clay body wrap.

    Body Wrap Tonifying

    Purifying white clay body wrap.

    Duration 1h00 - Price 110 €

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  • Signature Spa Treatments & Stop Overs

    Stop Overs

    After Sun Treatment : 140 €

    Replenishes skin deep-down on the face and body. It optimizes the benefits of the sun and helps prevent any drying effects it may cause. Ensures a beautiful-looking, long-lasting tan.

    Jet Lag Treatment : 140 €

    Frequent travellers are going to love this energy-boosting face and body treatment designed to erase all signs of fatigue linked to jet lag.

     Signature Guanahani Spa By Clarins Treatments

    Turquoise Treatment

    Facial Treatment

    Sugar / Salt Body Scrub
    Relaxing Massage (30mn)

    Duration 2h00 - Price 225 €

    Gentle Lagoon

    Relaxing bubble bath followed by a honey based treatment.

    Duration 1h00 - Price 130 €

    The Clarins Experience

    Clarins Package with Pro Polish, Jet Bath and Wrap

    Duration 2h00 - Price 250 €

  • Spa Packages Exclusively for Hotel Guanahani guests

    Exclusively for Hotel Guanahani guests

    3-day Therapy ~ 428 €

    2 treatments per day, rate per person

    • 1 Body Scrub & 1 Massage
    • 1 Clarins Facial Treatment & 1 Hair Treatment
    • 1 Pedicure & 1 Manicure

    5-day Therapy ~ 667 €

    2 treatments per day, rate per person

    • 1 Jet Lag Recovery Treatment & 1 Blow Dry
    • 1 Jet Bath & 1 Wrap
    • 1 Body Scrub & 1 Massage
    • 1 Clarins Facial Treatment & 1 Hair Treatment
    • 1 Pedicure & 1 Manicure

    7-day Therapy ~ 854 €

    2 treatments per day, rate per person

    • 1 Jet Lag Recovery Treatment & 1 Blow Dry
    • 1 Jet Bath & 1 Wrap
    • 1 Body Scrub & 1 Massage
    • 1 Clarins Facial Treatment & 1 Hair Treatment
    • 1 Pedicure & 1 Manicure
    • 1 Jet Bath & 1 Pressotherapy
    • 1 After Sun Soothing Treatment & 1 Paraffin Hand Treatment

    3-day Therapy ~ 454 €

    For couples only, rate per couple, treatments given at the same time in double treatment room

    • 2 Clarins Facial Treatments
    • 2 Massages
    • 2 Pedicures

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